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How to Determine a Failing Garage Door Springs?

For a garage door to be opened and closed easily by hand or using a mechanical garage door opener, springs serve a vital role because garage door springs offset the weight of the door. And since garage doors are heavy, the springs’ high-tension steel lifespan becomes limited, and also, the springs decrease its power and effectiveness as time goes by.

There are levels of quality for garage door springs — for example, 10,000-use and 20,000-use springs. They are large numbers, but let’s say you are opening and closing your garage door five times a day, it is evident that the springs’ high-tension steel and the spring, in general, will have a limited lifespan.

Garage Door Springs— Indicators that they are Aging

We have discussed in the previous blog about the types of garage door springs, namely torsion springs, and extension springs.

Heavy-duty springs like the torsion springs are attached to a metal rod that is parallel to the door, and you can see above the door opening. This type of spring is tensioned because of twisting motion. On the other hand, there is what you call extension springs, which are light-weight and are vertical to the door. Extension springs are placed above the horizontal parts of the door tracks.

Here are the indicators that your garage door springs might be aging:

  1. You will notice that the garage door weighs more than it is before. When the garage door springs are old and failing, it becomes heavier because the high-tension steel isn’t resilient anymore. New garage door springs make the door easy to lift, but if it is close to its end of the lifespan, it requires more force to lift it into an open position. Typically a garage door itself may weigh more than 200 pounds.
  2. When you use the automatic garage door opener, you will notice that the springs make it difficult for the opener to work because it drops huge load to it. You will hear a straining sound that the automatic opener is being pushed to its limit when lifting the door. This means that it is time to change the springs.
  3.  If in case the garage door suddenly slam shut violently, this means that the springs broke. You will hear a loud sound similar to a gunshot because the springs break when it is too stretched or twisted to its full tension.
  4.  When it is only one spring that breaks, you will instantly feel its heaviness when opening it by hand, or if you are using an automatic garage door opener, it may no longer work lifting the door. Even if it is only one spring that breaks, you have to replace both of the springs.

Hiring a professional to change your garage door springs can replace garage door springs for an hour or two. Make sure to coordinate about the quality of the garage door springs they will put to use. Several options with its corresponding rates are available to choose from, but choosing top of the line is guaranteed for life. On the other hand, you can expect at least five years under normal usage for the economy and budget-friendly springs.

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