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Changing Garage Door Springs: Should You DIY or Not?

Springs are an essential part of an overhead rolling garage door system! Its primary use is to support either mechanized or manual opening and closing of the garage door. It may sound simple, but the question is when it is time for you to change the springs, should you DIY replace or just opt for professional repair?

Types of Spring Systems

First, let’s know what the two types of spring systems are.

The single coiled spring operating parallel to the door, which counters the weight of the door, is what we call the Torsion Spring System. On the other hand, an Extension Spring System does the work. It is the two springs that you can see on each side of the door running parallel to the overhead door tracks.

Springs are a vital part of the door system. It would cost about $50 if you DIY the changing of the spring, or if you go for a professional repair, it could cost you up to $400. Of course, people usually tend to go for the cheaper way, but it would be best to consider the following things on whether you should DIY or hire a professional to change your garage door springs!

How Does a Garage Door Springs work?

As we mentioned many times, the garage door springs serve an essential role in your garage door. Without it, it is basically impossible to lift and lower your garage door, which weighs a lot. With the garage door’s weight, it is dangerous to lower it down without the springs. The springs counter the weight of your garage door, which means control. Without it, the door can violently slam down. You won’t be able to lift or lower it by your hand neither the electric motors on mechanical garage door openers.

The pressure with torsion springs happens when you lower the door, and the springs are tightly coiled and compressed by the metal cable drum. On extension springs’ case, the springs which are parallel to the overhead tracks are stretch out when you lower the door — this creates pressure.

Both torsion springs and extension springs are kept under tremendous pressure when the door is closed to assist it upwards when opening it.

Garage Door Springs

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Garage Door Springs?

DIY Garage Door Springs replacement seems a pretty good choice if you like to save cash since torsion and extension springs are fairly cheap parts, which you can usually get under $50 per pair. But aside from this, you have also to consider other tools and your safety in performing this task, which is not suitable for a non-experienced individual.

Professional Replacement Expenses

The average cost to have a professional replace your garage springs ranges from $200 – $400. The expenses will depend on what’s the condition and requirement of your garage, which type of garage you have, the springs needed, your location, and of course, which company you choose to perform the job for you. You have to take note that even if your garage door has only one broken spring, springs are fixed in pairs, so both should be replaced at the same time. This will assure you that both springs are both in excellent condition instead of just changing one where the other you might think is still okay is also worn out.

If you are hiring a professional to work on your garage door, it would be cost-effective also to have him inspect the garage door opener and have it replaced when necessary.

DIY Garage Door Springs Replacement Cost

Compared to estimating the cost of professional replacement, which is pretty straightforward, the cost of changing the springs yourself is not, as it is slightly less simple.

You have to consider the cost of the springs. As we mentioned in the beginning, garage door springs are relatively cheap. You can purchase top-end springs for less than $100 per set. There are online retailers, or you can go to hardware stores and home improvement centers to buy them. Keep in mind that when purchasing the springs, you have to bring with you the old spring to have the exact replacement.

You have to consider the cost of other tools. May it is not a lot of tools needed in changing garage door springs; the value of the items needs to be calculated into the total cost of your garage door spring replacement. You are required to use a clamp to hold the door in place. You always have to secure your safety while changing the springs by using gloves and safety goggles. If you can borrow a step stool or stepladder, good, but if you don’t have any, you will need to buy this as well and factored into your expenses.

You have to consider the amount of time you need to put when changing the garage door springs. Time is cost, as well. For someone who is first-timer, this job does take time because you have to prepare, find, and purchase the precise springs and the tools needed to accomplish the work. You also have to educate yourself with the procedure, to accustom yourself with the garage door and the springs. Lastly, it takes time for you and a helper to change the garage door springs – all of these you have to carefully consider.

The Conclusion

Indeed there are various factors that you have to consider when deciding whether you should change the garage door springs yourself or just hire a professional to do it for you. Yes, you can do the job yourself over the weekend, spending less, but the comfort and assurance that comes from having a professional do the job for an expense of between $200 to $400 in an amount of time are worth the extra cost. So professional installation is usually the best solution for you.

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