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Safety Warnings to Remember When Changing a Garage Door Spring

“Always leave it to the pros” – this is usually the recommendation when dealing with a repair or changing garage door spring. Reasonably sound advice because conducting work with huge and heavy springs, plus heavy doors, is naturally dangerous.

For that reason, you have to really take safety precautions to avoid injuries. Let’s say a spring abruptly breaks, slips, or maybe come loose, which are situations that can be hazardous if you do not fully know what to do. In addition to that, you have to be aware of what is impacted by the spring’s tension. Is it the doors? The cables? Or maybe the pulleys?

Entrusting the work to a reputable garage door repair and maintenance company would be ideal to do and is totally recommended in the home improvement world, but if you are a handy homeowner who is skillful when it comes to tools and has knowledge on mechanical systems, you can practically choose to do the job. You can change garage door spring on your own.

To make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and prepared to do the task, you should watch some tutorials online about changing garage doors done by a professional. This will help you get the proper size to replace spring, which is very critical in the process. Videos will elaborate on how to get the right size of your old springs, how and where to get the right replacement size. Basically, it will explain the job from beginning to end.


If you are up for the challenge, the methods are pretty straightforward, but you have to consider and keep in mind the safety warnings before starting. The task also entails the proper order of steps that must be done appropriately.

Usually, non-experienced people don’t like to work with torsion springs because this kind of springs is often under tension. The following are the things you have to remember and execute:

  • You can safely remove a torsion spring by controlling the tension using a solid metal winding bar that will hold the spring.
  • The next step is to loosen the string from the rod and then manually loosen up the spring using two winding rods. Take note and be careful because when the spring is fully unwound, that is the time it can be dangerous.
  • Extension springs, on the other hand, is a different case because when the garage door is completely open, extension springs have little to no tension.

Other Important Warnings to Remember When Changing Garage Door Springs

  • For garage door opener users, please do not detach the garage door opener from the door while the door is open, and you doubt that the spring is broken.
  • Do not pull the red emergency release handle. If this happens, the door will crash down under with its approximate full weight and nothing to stop it – a very hazardous situation.
  • Do not leave the door open when you suspect that the spring is broken. Someone might pull the emergency release handle on the opener, or someone will close the door, not knowing how heavy it is.
  • Block the door track on each side so the garage door won’t move if in case you need to leave the door open, and you can’t have it repaired for the meantime. If you are using a garage door opener, make sure to unplug it.
  • If it is necessary to close the garage door, and you have an opener, you can try closing it using the opener but make sure there is nothing under the door’s path, so if something goes wrong, everything is safe. Nevertheless, this move can strain the garage opener.
  • Although it will be very heavy, alternatively, you can ask help from a few reliable helpers that can hold the door for you while you detach it from the garage door opener. And then, you can manually close the door carefully.

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How to Determine a Failing Garage Door Springs?

For a garage door to be opened and closed easily by hand or using a mechanical garage door opener, springs serve a vital role because garage door springs offset the weight of the door. And since garage doors are heavy, the springs’ high-tension steel lifespan becomes limited, and also, the springs decrease its power and effectiveness as time goes by.

There are levels of quality for garage door springs — for example, 10,000-use and 20,000-use springs. They are large numbers, but let’s say you are opening and closing your garage door five times a day, it is evident that the springs’ high-tension steel and the spring, in general, will have a limited lifespan.

Garage Door Springs— Indicators that they are Aging

We have discussed in the previous blog about the types of garage door springs, namely torsion springs, and extension springs.

Heavy-duty springs like the torsion springs are attached to a metal rod that is parallel to the door, and you can see above the door opening. This type of spring is tensioned because of twisting motion. On the other hand, there is what you call extension springs, which are light-weight and are vertical to the door. Extension springs are placed above the horizontal parts of the door tracks.

Here are the indicators that your garage door springs might be aging:

  1. You will notice that the garage door weighs more than it is before. When the garage door springs are old and failing, it becomes heavier because the high-tension steel isn’t resilient anymore. New garage door springs make the door easy to lift, but if it is close to its end of the lifespan, it requires more force to lift it into an open position. Typically a garage door itself may weigh more than 200 pounds.
  2. When you use the automatic garage door opener, you will notice that the springs make it difficult for the opener to work because it drops huge load to it. You will hear a straining sound that the automatic opener is being pushed to its limit when lifting the door. This means that it is time to change the springs.
  3.  If in case the garage door suddenly slam shut violently, this means that the springs broke. You will hear a loud sound similar to a gunshot because the springs break when it is too stretched or twisted to its full tension.
  4.  When it is only one spring that breaks, you will instantly feel its heaviness when opening it by hand, or if you are using an automatic garage door opener, it may no longer work lifting the door. Even if it is only one spring that breaks, you have to replace both of the springs.

Hiring a professional to change your garage door springs can replace garage door springs for an hour or two. Make sure to coordinate about the quality of the garage door springs they will put to use. Several options with its corresponding rates are available to choose from, but choosing top of the line is guaranteed for life. On the other hand, you can expect at least five years under normal usage for the economy and budget-friendly springs.

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